How to Take CBD

CBD and other products made from hemp are making a splash as people turn to more natural methods to handle pain, stress, and anxiety. But CBD is a dizzying world right now, filled with products. How do you know what to take or how to take it?

There are four main ways that people use CBD products, three of which you should consider.

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One of the lesser-known ways to take CBD is topically or through the skin. This is a good way to target the effects of CBD on one area since it doesn’t have to travel through your whole system.

People use topical CBD creams and balms to reduce inflammation and relieve muscle and joint discomfort and even soothe eczema. Because topical treatments need to penetrate the skin, they should be thoroughly massage in to be effective.

The time it takes topical treatments to start working varies from person to person. Some people feel better right away, others report feeling the effects several hours later.
Proerba’s topical products include a high concentrated CBD level hands free salve pain reliever and several pain relief creams.

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Sublingual CBD oil drops and sprays are a fast way to get CBD into your system, taking as little as 15 minutes to produce effects. Sublingual use of CBD involves placing tinctures or oils in either drop or spray form, or a lozenge directly beneath your tongue.

The CBD is absorbed readily by the mucous membranes beneath the tongue, so you hold the drops or spray in place for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. Some people don’t love the earthy taste of full-spectrum CBD and may prefer a CBD isolate that has no flavor.

Sublingual is a common and effective way to take CBD that acts quickly. This method also allows for easy control of how much you take. If you choose to add your CBD drops to a beverage, they will take more time to work, similar to edibles.

At Proerba, our sublingual products include both full-spectrum hemp oil and zero THC hemp oil. 

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Edibles are a convenient and popular way to take CBD. You can take them in the form of gummies, lollipops, even mints. The category also includes capsules and putting oil or tinctures in food or beverages. Edibles have the advantage of masking the taste of full-spectrum hemp oil.

The biggest drawback to edibles is that they can take a relatively long time to take effect, perhaps an hour or more. The CBD in edibles or capsules also passes through your digestive system, which may make it less effective overall.

Proerba edible CBD products include gummies and capsules



Consuming CBD through smoking or vaping is popular however can damage your lungs. Smoking is linked to carcinogen exposure and vaping has been linked to serious lung problems. Therefore, we do not offer this type of CBD options.

Sublingual, topical, and edible methods are all preferable to inhaling CBD.



Talk with your doctor before taking CBD and decide together which method is right for you, depending on your needs, preferences, and other health factors.


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